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The world noticed. In horror of Aso that has been inherited all the time.

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Introduction video

We comment on value as world agriculture inheritance and charm of Aso area with video.

Agricultural and livestock products of Aso

We introduce vegetables born on very large grassy plain of Aso with climate that is beef and coolness brought up and high quality water.

People who protect grassy plain

We introduce people protecting grassy plain and important agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry and biological diversity, grassy plain of magnificent Aso which you should succeed to to the next generation.


Profile After resigning from sobujuken / education job, with all will of thanks to hometown, we join burning off a field volunteer in couples. After starting activity; and ten years. As the present, leader of burning off a field volunteer,...

Agriculture inheritance resources which we want to tell

It recruits from general one to protect local resources (farming, meal, scenery, culture, nature) of Aso that is component of world agriculture inheritance for the future and registers.

About this site

This site is official site of world agriculture inheritance Aso that association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion runs.

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