Notice We received authorization of world agriculture inheritance and reached the fifth anniversary!

 "Maintenance of grassy plain of Aso and sustained agriculture" received authorization of world agriculture inheritance on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, and full five years passed.
 Kumamoto earthquake and eruption, great disaster including flood occur for these five years and think whether there was difficulty that is serious for local producer and affiliates, but thank you for making an effort for promotion, development of Aso area world agriculture inheritance.
 Although we decrease, agriculturalist remains in slight decrease for grassy plain area and pasturage head count and enlarges approach to environmental conservation type agriculture such as the use of wild grass compost in comparison with five years ago when we received authorization and is thinking that maintenance of Aso area world agriculture inheritance is planned.
 It is approved thing in the world to have maintained splendid grassy plain and scenery through agriculture for many years, and world agriculture inheritance authorization of Aso area keeps this authorization alive and will perform approach to remain at this grassy plain which has been inherited for more than 1,000 years for next 1,000 years.

Figure 1