Notice We experience agriculture in Aso! About holding of "seeding event of ground father millet"

 Under the cosponsorship with meeting of Aso grassy plain reproduction seal producer agriculture experience event "seeding of ground father millet"
 We hold this.
 We hold event of the fifth anniversary of the world agriculture inheritance registration of Aso at the same time this time.
 When you participate in event, please contact the following secretariat.

Around 1st
  Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10:00 to 14:30 (shoameketsuko)

2 entrance fees
  One 2,000 yen

3 capacity, application final day
  50 (until reservation required, July 20)

4 meeting places
  Sakanashi public hall (846-1, Ichinomiyamachisakanashi, Aso-shi)
  (the neighborhood of JA Aso Ichinomiya center branch Sakanashi gas station ruins)

5 programs
  ・We observe grassy plain in Makino
  ・Seeding of agriculture experience place father millet
        Crop (there is only for number) of sweet corn
  ・Ingredients barbecue of Aso
  ・World agriculture inheritance quiz
  ・Fresh! Vegetables sale

6 inquiries
  The meeting secretariat (Aso kuju national park administration office) of Aso grassy plain reproduction seal producer
  □TEL: 0967-34-0254 □FAX: 0967-34-2082 □
  ◇Contents necessary for application
  (1) "Only participation preferred date 7/28 seeding" or "both days of 7/28 seeding, 10/13 crop"
  (2) Full name, furigana, age (the point of 7/28) of all the participants
  (3) Contact information (in the case of several contact information of representative)
    ・Phone number (thing which on the day goes)
    ・E-mail address (voluntarily)
    ・FAX number (voluntarily)

About 7 flyers 
  Flyer (seeding of ground father millet)