Recruitment of Aso world agriculture inheritance logo mark product University! Logo seal present [period limitation]

In association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion, we register the use of logo mark for the purpose of market expansion of PR and farm output product of Aso area, industrial promotion. We simplify procedure of use of logo mark application, and I would like registration by all means as we carry out utilization promotion campaign in total.

(1) Target product
 Regardless of food and souvenirs, T-shirt, the prefecture outside including can badge, anyone is available.
 But it is for the following about the use to food.
  ①Agriculture and forestry marine product and artefact which were produced in Aso world agriculture inheritance authorized area (the Aso-gun City 7 municipalities)
  ②Agriculture and forestry marine product which it was not Aso world agriculture inheritance authorized area, but utilized wild grass of Aso, and produced

(2) Registration method
 After having you click banner about "the use of logo mark" to be on the HP, and having confirmed terms,
 You have you fill in application style 01 of the use, and please submit to the association secretariat (see below).
 Please contact the secretariat for ignorance point casually.

(3) Campaign contents
 ■Period : H30.7.2 - H30. 12.27
 ■Contents : For person who had use of logo mark registration within period 500 pieces of logo mark seals
        We present. Two types of Japanese as for the logo mark seal English notation or, writing and
        Please order two types of 4cm *4cm or 2cm *2cm.
 ■Remarks :Where in product is it with "use permission number" that we list in authorization when you use logo mark?
       It is necessary to have you list crab. While you use 500 pieces this time, "we try"
       You may omit mention of permission number by positioning called this, but free seal do not cry
       When we incorporate in pasting up of seal or package design by tanochigo oneself, we admit
       Please attach number by all means. In addition, when, using free seal, omit permission number; nitsu
       We hope that only product which performed use application uses even if.

(4) Reference
 The association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion secretariat (the Aso area Promotion Bureau agriculture spread, promotion inside of a section)
 TEL: 0967-22-1115 FAX: 0967-22-3563
   Address: 869-2612 2402, Ichinomiyamachimiyaji, Aso-shi