We experience agriculture in Aso! We held "seeding event of ground father millet"!

 Is meeting state and the cosponsorship of Aso grassy plain reproduction seal producer on Saturday, July 28; "seeding of ground father millet
We carried out event.
 On the day we had you participate toward 30 hot syncopations.
 At first we moved to Makino and had Chairperson Ichihara of meeting of grassy plain reproduction seal producer explain by visit to grassy plain.


 We experience gain of sweet corn next.


 And seeding of traditional vegetables "ground father millet" of Aso that is main of this agriculture experience event
We had you do and carried out barbecue in right in the middle of field.


 We held world agriculture inheritance quiz, vegetables sale and broke up afterwards.

 In addition, crop event of ground father millet which performed seeding this time on Saturday, October 13
We are going to carry out!
 Curious one, please participate.