About the first Aso world agriculture inheritance Instagram photo contest holding

 In commemoration of the world agriculture inheritance authorization fifth anniversary, we hold Instagram photo contest as follows to see Aso world agriculture inheritance to many people, and to have intellect conflict.
 Please post shop floor of agriculture, grassy plain scenery, blessing of water, a variety of animals and plants, photograph of Aso world agriculture inheritance including farming sacred rites.
1 date and time
 From Saturday, September 22, 2018 to Friday, December 28

2 application methods
(1) We release personal account in Instagram.
(2) We respond in association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion formula account @ asogiahs.
(3) Shop floor and farm products, scenery (grassy plain and water), biological diversity (the animals and plants) of agriculture, agriculture culture (farming sacred rites ・
   "It is the hashtag Aso world in photograph conveying system of Aso world agriculture inheritance including Shinto shrine) and the charm
   There be and posts agriculture inheritance fotokon and explanation of photograph (we process image and may post).

Person who is targeted for 3 application
 Person who corresponds to any of the following
(1) Aso jurisdiction municipalities inhabitants
(2) Person to send charm of Aso area world agriculture inheritance to based on purpose

4 prize money
(1) One point of grand prix (for farm products, artefact 5,000 yen of prize money 50,000 yen + Aso)
(2) Four points of awards for excellence (for field product, artefact 5,000 yen of Aso)

●The held point: The fotokon holding point (PDF)
●Held summary: PR poster