Notice About holding of Aso world agriculture inheritance fair

 Under the cosponsorship with JA Aso, we hold Aso world agriculture inheritance fair on this Saturday.
 In addition, it is ・ by holding at the same time on JA Asomachi, Aso center branch, Ichinomiya center branch combination Thanksgiving Day
Aso walking is carried out together with "healthy life expectancy 100 years old project" circle, too
 When participate in Aso walking entirely, JA Aso farming department farming Planning Division
Please refer to (TEL0967-22-6115).

On 1 date
  Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9:45 to 15:00
2 places
  Collection of JA Aso central part vegetables sorts fruits and provides equipment (74-1, Onoda, Aso-shi)
  ※ asochuokokoharumakinojofukin
3 main event contents
 (1) Stage event
    Kumamoto YMCA Akamizu nursery school sum drum performance, Aso Junior High School brass band performance,
    Ubuyama-mura man with a clownish mask dance preservation society dance announcement, farmhouse band performance, local squadron show,
    Monkey showman art announcement, bargain sale of banana, world agriculture inheritance 0 X quiz,
    Lotteries for visitors
 (2) Exhibition booth
  ①About stand
   Dirt beef barbecue, deep-fried chicken, french fries, baked potato, Yakisoba, pork miso soup,
   Fried saury (※), drink (soft drinks, draft beer), it is cake, innards rain pop
   ※Special plan fried saury (we contribute proceeds to Hokkaido stricken area) from Hokkaido
  ②PR booth which featured the theme of Geopark, cultural heritage, grassy plain reproduction
 (3) "Healthy 100 years old project" whole Aso walking
   Including tourist attraction of Aso including Aso-jinja Shrine and Monzen-cho mall course of approximately 8km
  It turns around on foot.
   ○Entrance fee
    Adult 1,000 yen    Child    500 yen
    ※On the day participation is possible, too.


Aso world agriculture inheritance fair flyer