The fourth Aso area world agriculture inheritance business plan contest offer

 We hold business plan contest to have you announce business plan to make use of world agriculture inheritance brand, and to activate agriculture, sightseeing of Aso.
 Example that the grand prix was won by past includes "Aso hawk nerds" (Chika Sato), and there are actually many pillar of farming and examples that it is through this contest.
 We hope that we have many people apply by all means.

1 qualifications
 Which has idea, new business plan that we can utilize in, Aso that perform challenge in new thing in farmhouse, commercial and industrial company, student, Aso when we carry

2.Application style
 General part (19 years old or older): 2018_ippanouboyoushi
 Young part (18 years old or younger): 2018_seisyounenouboyoushi

3. The prize money (dream award of Aso area)
 General part (19 years old or older): Grand prix 300,000 yen, etc.
 Young part (18 years old or younger): Grassy plain reproduction donation QUO CARD (the first place: for 20,000 yen other)

4. Schedule
 H30. 10.10   The first application deadline ... finished
 H30. 10.17   Workshop, conference (by example introduction and individual consultation by brushing up of business plan fruit 
               hodokoshi) ... finished
 H30. 12.15   The second application deadline (each applicant receives advice and plunges idea into plan and conducts a business
               We submit plan)
 H31. 1.15 publisher decision (we elect six points from the inside that there was of application at the secretariat)
 H31. The day of the 2.16 contest (we decide the grand prix by 10-minute presentation)
 In one where is not applied for for subscription for first, application is possible from subscription for second. Please refer to secretariat Kyushu biomass forum (0967-22-1013) for workshop, conference which document wants held prior to the second offer.

5. Sponsorship: Country future made network Aso block of fire
  The cosponsorship: House of national Aso youth exchange, Aso local world association of agriculture inheritance promotion, NPO corporation Kyushu biomass
                  Forum, JA Aso youth and manhood part, asocity disaster volunteer Liaison Conference