"You acquire the grass small", and do you know?

 In association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion (grassy plain scenery sectional meeting, green stock) of use of grass resources
It is acquired production cooperation mine, the grass small as proof business "grass small heaping up reproduction project" by local Makino association
We install this.
 In this page, we introduce "grass small heaping up".

In the first place 1 with "grass small heaping up" 




 ←It is this!

 We put hay and piled up when we said with a word.
  It is used as beef between winter and bait of horse.






 <a little in detail ...>

  As place where grassy plain of Aso keeps hay by preservation method of traditional grass from autumn to winter
  It functioned.
  Bait and warehouse charges of oxen and horses which farming family brings hay to village as needed, and live in cattle shed during winter
  We used as (spread Ryo). And we made compost finally and gave Tabata.

How do you produce 2?









① We cut grass of grassy plain.









② We bundle up grass which we dried









③ We pile up faggot. (48-60 bundles)









④ We ride tobe (something like roof) on the first










⑤ We hang ring of bamboo not to fly and tie up









⑥ Completion!


Who produced 3?
  It is farming family of Aso! (all of you who had we acquired this grass small, and reproduction project cooperate)













































About time, place where 4 "grass small heaping up" is seen in
  We can see at grassy plain of Aso during winter from autumn.
  We were able to see much grass small heaping up, but to make now decreased in old days.

  We can see here in this winter (until from December, 2018 to 2019 about February)!

☆To want to know more!
  Recommended site: "Grassy plain handbook of Aso"