What is "foot pass?"

Form of new trip to enjoy on foot.

"Thing "Foot" to walk while enjoying plain scenery to remain in area that originated with "foot pass" in the U.K. is narrow path (komichi) "Path" which it is possible for.
We are set up like mesh of a net led by farm village part in the U.K., and there are both 160km and following thing with long thing. Let alone river bank and hill, there is way via farm and the home site, and culture to value "foot pass" roots in the U.K. nation.

In late years attractive "foot pass" utilized each characteristic is maintained in various areas in Japan and can enjoy "foot pass" slowly while touching the history and culture for 1,000 years when even Aso area was registered with world agriculture inheritance, the working of nature.

Way of enjoying

At first we obtain course map of foot pass. We only go out with map afterward.
We walk foot path that we liked at own pace, and let's enjoy charm of Aso with all one's might.

As it holds tour and event of foot pass, it is recommendation that participate there.
We should be able to mention local charm more deeply.

Having you be careful

Foot pass is way enjoying local plain scenery.

The scenery was not completed naturally, and it was brought about as a result of traditional lifestyle that came from pressure and climate to nature for many years of local various places, attachment to area and has been managed maintenance.
You act with feeling of thanks to local people, and please never perform acts such as leaving of entrance and garbage to the fields, forest, site except route, collection of the animals and plants, wild plants, farm products.

Guidance of each course

New Course