Conventional Ayumi

Action plan

We push forward the next approach after the world agriculture inheritance authorization in Aso area.

Production promotion of agriculture and forestry business and use expansion of grassy plain

<< main approach >>

  • By inflection of wild grass compost which is traditional agricultural methods, high added value of farm products aims at becoming.
  • By recognition system of restaurant providing dirt beef of Aso, we plan consumption expansion of dirt beef.
  • By the tree of public building Creator, further profit of regional wood plans inflecting.

Aso grassy plain reproduction seal

Pasturage promotion of dirt beef

[Aso grassy plain reproduction seal]

[pasturage promotion of dirt beef]

Maintenance, improvement of grassy plain management by Makino association and city inhabitants

<< main approach >>

□We devise "Makino medical record" (native grassland green plan) that gathered aim and remedy of the use, management of future Makino.

□We are enriched by support for grassy plain maintenance by civic volunteer and CSR activity of company.

Burning off a field support volunteer Grassy plain reproduction donation by local bank

[burning off a field support volunteer]

[grassy plain reproduction donation by local bank]

Maintenance, maintenance of natural environments, biological diversity, culture

<< main approach >>

□We inspect effect by evaluation and grassy plain reproduction business of biological diversity of grassy plain of Aso.

□We use and, among lost grassy plains, purchase hotspot "Hanano" whom the rare animals and plants are distributed over intensively and manage burning off a field and plan maintenance of the rare animals and plants.

Investigation by Makino association Hanano

[investigation by Makino association]



Expansion of civic participation in maintenance of grassy plain

<< main approach >>

□We are enriched by agriculture and forestry business conditions omen, creature survey by children of Aso, experience of grassy plain maintenance activity and learning of grassy plain, forest environment.

□Through acceptance of agriculture and forestry business conditions omen by school excursion of middle high school student, we tell importance of grassy plain, nature to city inhabitants.

Agriculture and forestry business conditions omen Green tourism

[agriculture and forestry business conditions omen]

[green tourism]

We contribute to the world as developed country type GIAHS

Local characteristic agriculture loses developing countries by the development of industry, service industry from the start in developed country.

In Aso, scholar of agriculture maintains a variety of agriculture in severe environment, and it can be model to protect biological diversity and traditional culture with local resident.

We send agriculture system only in Aso to the world as "ASO model".