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World agriculture inheritance in Japan

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Means of transportation


Aso Kumamoto Airport 096-232-2311
All Nippon Airways (ANA) 0570-029-222
Japan Airlines (JAL) 0570-025-071
Skynet Asia Airways (SNA) 0570-037-283
Amakusa airline 0120-889-489
Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) 050-3786-0489
Skymark (SKY 050-3116-7370


JR Kyushu guidance center (Kumamoto Station) 096-211-2406
JR Aso Station 0967-34-0101
JR, Minamiaso railroad Tateno Station 0967-68-0002
Minamiaso railroad Takamori Station 0967-62-0058


kyushusanko bus 096-325-0100
Oita Bus 097-532-7000
Miyazaki Kotsu 0985-32-0718
sanko bus Aso Office 0967-34-0211
Minamiaso slowly bus (Minamiaso-mura plan Tourism Division) 0967-67-2230


Aso information center (asocity Tourism Association) 0967-32-1960
Ichinomiya information center 0967-22-8181
The ASO rural district space museum synthesis information desk 0967-35-5077
Sightseeing in Takamori-machi interchange center (Takamori-machi tourist association) 0967-62-2233
Minamiaso-mura tourist information center (Minamiaso-mura tourist association) 0967-67-2222
Minamiaso visitor center (Kyukamura Aso) 0967-62-0911
Sightseeing in Aso hot spring inn cooperative 0967-32-1960
Minamiaso-mura hot-spring hotel association 0967-67-2226
Aso Volcanic Museum 0967-34-2111
Mount Aso ropeway 0967-34-0411

Ecotourism guide

Association of Aso nature guide 0967-22-4801 
Aso Volcanic Museum, Aso museum 0967-34-2111 
Outdoor Educational Research Institute IOE 096-387-6922 
Ordinary plateau ease interchange building 0967-23-0555 
Meeting which protects nature of Aso 0967-22-2143 
Aso green stock 0967-35-1110 
ASO rural district space museum 0967-35-5077
Association of small country tourism 0967-46-4440
Village of learning 0967-46-5560
Aso north outer rim of a volcanic crater trekking meeting 0967-34-0654
Meeting of wind and forest 0967-62-1111
Association of Minamiaso-mura guide 0967-67-2222 
House of national Aso youth exchange 0967-22-0811
Kyukamura Minamiaso (Minamiaso visitor center) 0967-62-0911
Aso area promotion Design Center (the association of Aso ecotourism secretariat) 0967-22-4801
Association of our firewood guide 0967-32-1960
Aso tanibito Museum 0967-64-8200
Meeting of Aso district park volunteer 0967-34-2171