Association organization

Association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion terms


This Article 1 meeting calls itself association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion (they say "association" as follows.).


Association of Article 2 supports approach to maintenance of grassy plain of Aso and sustained agriculture all in one body to succeed to a variety of agriculture authorized to world agriculture inheritance, biological diversity and scenery, traditional culture surely in the next generation and is intended that we plan agriculture around Aso area and local activation. At the same time, as "world agriculture inheritance model of developed country type," we perform information dispatch to home and abroad.


Association of Article 3 carries out the next business to achieve purpose of preceding article.
(1) Thing about progress management of action plan to affect world agriculture inheritance
(2) Thing about activation such as agriculture through world agriculture inheritance and sightseeing
(3) Thing about common knowledge, enlightenment of world agriculture inheritance and information dispatch
(4) Thing about other world agriculture inheritances


As member of association of Article 4, we employ regular member and supporting member.
We approve of purpose of association of 2 and it is independent and assumes thing participating in business regular member.
We approve of purpose of association of 3 and assume thing supporting association business in cooperation with regular member supporting member.


We can resign from Article 5 member anytime optionally by submitting a notice of secession to establish particularly in the governing board.

(striking off a name of member)

When Article 6 member corresponds to one of each next issue, by resolution of general meeting, we can strike the member concerned off a list.
(1) When we damaged honor of association or we did act against purpose
(2) When there are other sufficient reasons that you should strike off a list

(general meeting)

Article 7 general meeting constitutes having regular member.
We decide 2 general meetings about the next matter.
(1) Election of chairperson and dismissal of officer
(2) Matter about action program of association and the activity results 
(3) Change of terms
(4) Approval of regular member and striking off a name
(5) Dissolution and disposal of remaining assets
(6) Other than thing advocating to each issue, we admit that chairperson is necessary
As for the chairperson of 3 general meetings, chairperson is this.
4 general meetings are established by the majority of regular member and determine the proceedings with the majority of attendant. At the time of right or wrong same number, chairperson determines.
5 chairpersons can let person except regular member participate in general meeting as needed.


We employ the next officer in association of Article 8.
(1) Chairperson    One person
(2) Two vice-chairpersons
(3) Inspector    One person
2 chairpersons elect vice-chairperson and inspector with the approval of general meeting.
3 chairpersons represent association, and the Prime Minister does kaimu.
4 vice-chairpersons assist chairperson, and they act for the duties when chairperson has accident.
5 inspectors inspect accounts of association.
We set to 2 years in principle for term of 6 officers and do not disturb reelection. But the successor succeeds zanninkikan of predecessor when the officer concerned becomes vacancy when there is to person who became officer in situation that is post of group which is member.
We put the secretariat to carry out business of association of 7 smoothly. 


We can employ advisor in association of Article 9.
2 advisors put having person whom they recommended to in the governing board.
3 advisors accept question of chairperson, and they attend at general meeting, and they can give opinion. But we cannot join resolution.

(the governing board)

We establish the governing board in association of Article 10.
2 governing boards constitute having representative of group in charge of prefecture, the municipalities and taskforce.
3 governing boards discuss about matter to raise next.
(1) Matter about business plan and cash budget
(2) Matter about the business results and income and expenditure financial statements
(3) Matter about development of action plan and progress management
(4) Setting of taskforce and election of Manager of taskforce and dismissal
(5) Other important matters


We can establish taskforce in association of Article 11.
2 taskforces perform report about progress management of action plan to have jurisdiction over.

(the secretariat)

We put the secretariat of association of Article 12 in Kumamoto prefecture north wide area headquarters Aso area Promotion Bureau agriculture and forestry department agriculture spread, promotion section for the duration.


About fee of association of Article 13 and burden, we establish after discussion in the governing board.
In the case of withdrawal and striking off a name, 2 members shall not return expenses such as fees.

(accounts and fiscal year)

For accounts of association of Article 14 and fiscal year, it is said that it is from April 1 to next year March 31 every year.


Other than thing to fix for this Article 15 terms, chairperson establishes necessary matter about administration of association particularly.

Additional clause

These terms take effect on June 3, 2015.