Main agriculture stock raising product of Aso

Farmland of Aso is climate that is coolness of highlands, and productivity was low in the volcanicity soil, but as a result of having improved the soil, various agriculture such as not only beef for rice growing and meat but also vegetables or flower is performed flourishingly in Aso by green manure which utilized compost and grass resources of beef which lasts for a long time, and ate grass.


Farm output

concept01Agriculture of Aso area adapted the volcanicity soil which nourishment was poor, and was disadvantageous to production to a variety of characteristics of caldera by the acidity and repeated improvement of farmland for many years. Agricultural production utilized climate that is coolness of the summer is performed flourishingly today.

There is much Koshihikari suitable for climate that difference of heat and cold is big and, in Aso area, is planted bottom of caldera around opening plains whereas switch to kind that is strong in heat is pushed forward in response to high temperature of the summer in rice growing on Kumamoto plains of lower Shirakawa.

With vegetables, we add tomato, spinach, asparagus, daikon, cabbage, strawberry to farm products of multi-item mainly on torukogikyo, gentian with flower and have abundant convention vegetables, too.

"Aso leek" is usual vegetable which severe climate climate of Aso called the cool altitudes of the volcanicity soil produced. Kind "akadoimo of taro that leafstalk that the others are red becomes edible," there are "black greens" "child potato of crane".









Chinese mustard

Aso leek

Stock raising

In current Aso area, production of beef for Dirt beefmeat which utilized very large grassy plain is performed, and we put fatting beef and breeding beef together, and beef for approximately 20,000 meat is bred.

Black-haired Japanese cow was the center, but, as for the beef for meat bred in Japan, breeding management mainly composed of katsumowashu (akagewashu) (following "dirt beef") which was convention kind has been performed in Aso area. Generally constitution is healthy, and character is quiet and endures cold, heat, and dirt beef has property to be superior in use and saishokusei of roughage and is suitable for pasturage at grassy plain.

Dirt beef authorization shop map

pudding_sThere are Japanese beef original flavor and taste and adds the meat to taste of dirt body meat and balance of moderate fat, and kind "taurine" of amino acid features healthy place included in richness. In addition, dairy farming is prosperous, too, and milk of Jersey is thick, and dairy product becomes brand of Aso. Tsuetate pudding, black sesame pudding, horoniga pudding is in particular original of each Tsuetate Onsen inn.


Forestry is one of the main industry in Aso area, too. Cedar forestMost of the forest inside and outside the caldera were artificial plantations consisting of cedar and hinokis planted grassy place with trees, and these were planted for water source cultivation and wood production.

In Minamioguni-machi located in the northern part of Aso area and Oguni-machi, there is the history of long planting and is known as brand which is nationwide as "small country cedar", and there is "Nango hinoki" which is cutting kind of the nationwide only hinoki.

Of wood, besides, in late years push forward utilization to quality of wood biomass, of low-cost production and area materials promote effectively utilizing.