Value as world agriculture inheritance

Agriculture that utilized grassy plain


  • Management of grassy plain by pasturage, saiso, burning off a field
  • Inflection of grassy plain tied to rice growing and dry field crop as well as stock raising closely
  • Grassy plain is managed by village unit jointly, and the use of sustained grass resources has been succeeded for many years
Agriculture of Aso

Maintenance of the precious grassy plain-related animals and plants


  • The rare grassy plain-related animals and plants many on very large grassy plain are growth, habitation
  • Plant that Kyushu shows Mainland China and not separated by water thing and endemic species of Aso grow
  • Biological diversity hotspot where endangered species is concentrated
Biological diversity

Maintenance of beautiful grassy plain, farm village scenery


  • "Secondary nature" that grassy plain scenery was made by agriculture activity of people
  • Rice field, Tabata in caldera is thing by soil improvement of many years
  • The caldera is grassy plain, the forest, farmland, characteristic scenery called village from the top

Traditional culture that farming sacred rites breathe


  • Heart to worship for fear of Aso volcano caused volcano faith
  • Many farming sacred rites in hope of good harvests such as onda Festival
  • There were manners and customs such as "grass night watch" or "Chinese bellflower collecting" once
Agriculture and traditional culture

When we are authorized to world agriculture inheritance


Because not only the country but also the international popularity increases, we apply in sightseeing promotion and agriculture promotion, and traction of new local agriculture is expected by aspect each other cooperating.

It is expected that the time of the whole prefecture for maintenance of approaches such as burning off a field that continuation becomes difficult with economic social change is bred by being admitted that value of agriculture of Aso is world level.

It becomes spring to authorization of world's cultural heritage which Aso area is working on now, world Geopark.

We can expect added value through approaches such as branding of local agriculture and forestry product, too.

Duty after authorization

Direct limit is not added to agricultural production activity itself by being authorized, but it is necessary that agriculture system becoming nucleus of authorization is kept in good condition.