Value as world agriculture inheritance

Agriculture and forestry business to rotate

A variety of agriculture and forestry products


Aso was climate that was coolness of highlands, and productivity was low for the volcanicity soil and, also, we received fall of ash by volcano and inundation harm caused by the rain and were not land essentially suitable for agricultural production. Therefore, production of various farm products such as vegetables, flower utilized climate that is coolness is performed other than rice growing flourishingly today in the summer as a result that improvement of farmland has been performed for many years on plains spreading out at the bottom of the caldera.

The stock-raising industry

As for the role to fulfil of the stock-raising industry, there is big thing if we think that burning off a field, pasturage, cycle called saiso maintained grassy plain of Aso.

Breeding management including katsumowashu (dirt beef) was carried out in Aso. About 1/4 of breeding cow (mother beef) of the prefecture is kept in Aso and is becoming supply zone of calf for meat now.


Forestry is main industry in Aso, too. Most of the forest of Aso are artificial plantations consisting of cedar and hinokis planted with trees and are known as brand that "small country cedar" is nationwide, and there is "Nango hinoki" which is cutting kind of the only hinokis of the whole country.



Main agriculture stock raising product of Aso